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Your Wellbeing Partner

We utilize superior know-how and knowledge to process the design and development of our products. Our main goal is to create innovative, high value and sustainable products for consumers that can enable them to experience a closer bond with an eco-centric and sustainable world right at the doorstep.

Make Your Home Fresh The KLINIA Way!

Floor Cleaner – Phenyl

10X better Cleaning and kills 99.9% germs. Floor Cleaner Phenyl range comes in 2 sizes and multiple variants.

Variants 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr
Pine Floor Cleaner
Neem Floor Cleaner
Lemon Floor Cleaner
Rose Floor Cleaner
Lemon Grass Floor Cleaner
Mint Floor Cleaner
White Floor Cleaner
Floor Cleaner Phenyl home hygiene essentials

Toilet Cleaner

Klinia toilet cleaner is a specialized product for all your sanitization needs. It is synthesized to act against stains giving 10 times better cleaning than ordinary detergents.

Variants 250 ml. & 500 ml.
Klinia Toilet Cleaner home hygiene essentials


Klinia handwash is gentle on hands, enriched with natural ingredients, removes 99.9% of germs. A skin friendly formulation that gently cleanses your hands leaving them feel soft, refreshed and moisturized.

Variants 300 ml.
Transparent Lemon
Transparent Mint
Pearlizer Lemon
Pearlizer Mint

Refill Pouch 500Ml in all Variants

Handwash home hygiene essentials

Dishwash Gel

Klinia Dishwash Gel : For sparkling clean odorless utensils.

Variants 250 ml. & 500 ml.
Green Apple
home hygiene essentials

Surface Cleaners

Klinia -All in one surface disinfectant. Klinia’s unique formulation removes 99.9% viruses & bacteria making your home germ free & fragrant.

Variants 500 ml.
Surface Cleaners - home hygiene essentials

Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner contains the power of shine boosters. It removes dirt and dust and also gives 2 times more shine than regular cleaners

Variants 500 ml.
Citrus Lemon
Sparkling Blue
Marine Green
Klinia Sanitizing Essentials